Next Step Discipleship

This program is designed to further equip the man or woman who desires to become more available to God. It is not designed to prepare you for any specific ministry, but rather to prepare you for every ministry. Course curriculum will include, but is not necessarily limited to: the entire Bible, various topical books on ministry related subjects, interviews with leaders and servants from a wide variety of ministries and an internship in more than 40 specific areas of ministry.
Completion of this program requires writing more than 100 reports, as well as preparing and delivering a number of expositional and topical Bible studies. In addition, program participants will also be given regular opportunities to put into practice the biblical principles that they are learning, ranging from service to outreach to counseling. Each disciple in this program will be assigned to a mentor and will report to them regularly for accountability and instruction. Average time of completion is expected to range from 2 to 4 years and is self-paced.