Our Story

How it all started...

Calvary Chapel Fellowship of Enid (CCFE) is a body born at the insistence of God’s Holy Spirit. When Pastor Matthew and his family were living in Southern California and attending Calvary Chapel North Edwards, prophecies were made regarding the call on his life. So when the Air Force sent him from there to Enid, Oklahoma, where there wasn’t a Calvary Chapel within 80 miles, the questions surfaced. An extensive search for a local fellowship of like faith was unfruitful, but God eventually called the Thoms family to a small, non-denominational and very “Bible-Beltish” congregation.
God walked them through several stages, beginning with, “We’re here to fix things” and culminating with, “We’re here to learn how to, and how not to minister to Bible Belt Christians.” As a result of spiritual starvation, the Thoms started a home Bible study that outgrew two homes and a basement. This confirmed the hunger that was alive and well in a portion of the area population. Despite the evidence of God’s call, Matthew remained hesitant to whole-heartedly commit to being a pastor and “threw out the fleece,” as it were, by saying “God, I can’t do this all by myself.

If You really want me to do this, You’re going to have to send me some help.” God, almost immediately, sent someone from the Thoms’ home church in Southern California to help. As a result, they held a prayer vigil with some trusted and mature brothers to ask the Lord, corporately, for His will in the matter. He confirmed the call and His will toward starting a local body and on November 12, 2000, Calvary Chapel Fellowship of Enid was born. Since that time, it has been our goal to equip the body so that the world might be affected for Christ.
In 2018 at the insistence of the Holy Spirit, the Malinowski family moved to Enid with no idea why they were moving. However, every step of the way God provided by opening doors in ways unimaginable.
After two years of serving along side the believers in the body, God moved in both Pastor Matthew's heart, and Greg's heart to change things up and start a new work.  
When God did call on Greg to step into the position of Pastor there was a lot of prayer, seeking the wisdom of other pastors, and confirmation seeking that happened. The Holy Spirit continued to insist and Greg accepted the role of senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Enid in June of 2020. Getting a start in trail by fire Greg has humbly led the church through many changes, but the foundation has stayed the same. To teach the Word of God simply, and to equip the saints for the work God has laid out before them.

The Thoms still fellowship at the church, returning from a brief hiatus. Matthew has slipped into a support role, his experience and knowledge have proven to be invaluable as he and the church continue in the direction that God leads.

Building on that foundation...

The Holy Spirit continued to move on the body of Calvary Chapel of Enid. After 20 years of Matthew Thoms leading the way and building a foundation in the city, God called Greg Malinowski and his family to Enid to continue the work that He had started.

Greg Malinowski grew up in Georgia, in a suburb of Atlanta. He knew of Jesus, and knew God in some way while growing up, but didn't have a relationship with him until his adult years. When he was attending church in Georgia there was a Men's discipleship program that Greg participated, he and several other men served under the leading of the senior pastor of that church. It was during this program that Greg's wife Jannette knew that he was going to be called on to serve as a Pastor at some point in time. Though that time wouldn't be for a few more years.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship and study together a 10:00 am.